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Corporate Culture

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Company values and code of conduct

Corporate values

Customer first,efficient execution,unity,cooperation,and continuous improvement

Code of conduct


1. Customer first

Treat customers to be polite,etiquette standards to remember,no small matter,a thousand dollars to buy customers smile.
Customer problems are the most important,to solve the difficulties,like comrades in arms in the same boat,this friendship will always remember.
If the customer demand is vague,do not accept,rational analysis to seek consensus,frank treatment estrangement.

2. Efficient execution

Command is the assault sign,the most important fast action,can not have the beginning without the end,the mark node often report.
Since ancient times things are difficult,setbacks and frustrations,not to panic when the problem comes,to find solutions.
Not to blame,to achieve the goal of the most important,the responsibility of the department after the event,the right and wrong.

3. Solidarity and cooperation

Unity and cooperation is a magic weapon,not to get close and separate,all are fate,equality is the most important.
One person power is always limited,the fire is high,filling each other into a great cause,the details do not care.
Collaborative operations are the norm.Communication is indispensable.Share your experience and experience,and learn from each other.

4. Be active

Years in a hurry to urge people old,in the present,when the task come don't buck-passing,responsibility to bear a shoulder.
Do not waver in your belief in victory.Think often before difficulties.Cross the rapids and reefs.
Success is never achieved in a day.It is the most reliable over a long period of time.

5. Continuous improvement

In the information age,continuous improvement is the most important.If you stop moving forward,you will be eliminated.
Book colleagues are my teacher,learning to use really good,art is not pressure body is an ancient motto,flapping wings to fly into the clouds.
The work of a lot of thinking,a little improvement can increase efficiency,the goal is fundamental,the day of success red flag fluttering.

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